TXO Resources LLC

In 2012 a group of professionals decided to put together their backgrounds and expertise in engineering, manufacturing, marketing and service, to serve the energy and high tech industries through the pursuit of several ongoing business ventures.

The result is the setting-up of TXO Resources, fulfilling the needs of the manufacturing, engineering, and oil & gas industries.

Since its conception the Company:

  1. Purchased five oil production enhancement properties,
  2. Acquired a gas field with nine producing wells,
  3. Hired an investment advisory group to resource investment partners for multiple saltwater disposal well projects,
  4. Executed the purchase of the permit to develop a saltwater disposal project in Louisiana,
  5. Acquired and diversified mineral rights assets primarily across the southern market of North America,
  6. Started a mining operation in Latin America to commercialize different minerals, primarily barium sulfate (Barite), used in the oil & gas industry,
  7. Acquired a leasehold in Mississippian Lime Shale Play and developed a plan to continuously drill and develop the leasehold during the second quarter of 2014,
  8. Is bringing innovative products into the market using new approaches to applications that will benefit the most from them,
  9. Is negotiating multiple R&D opportunities to purchase or fund, and,
  10. We began to serve the national and international markets offering oil and its derivatives, and
  11. Is continually evaluating different solutions to deliver new technologies into the market.

After doing business in the domestic market, TXO has ventured with international leaders to bring their innovative products and technologies to the global markets.

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