TXO Resources LLC

TXO Resources is focused on developing and acquiring assets with mitigated risk that have the ability to generate returns that target over 30.00% annually.

These include producing oil and gas assets, mineral rights, saltwater disposal facilities, oil supply and services, as well as technology patents.

TXO Resources is constantly acquiring mineral rights, leaseholds, and other productive holdings with plans to develop oil and gas resources to fuel the growing energy needs of the 21st century. These acquisitions are part of the company's short term goal of developing assets with mitigated risk, as well as the long term goal of foreseeing new shale plays and the probability of mineral prospects to be developed in certain geographical areas. Currently the company has been focusing its attention on West Texas and Oklahoma, however it is always looking to diversify its holdings and attract new resources for the company portfolio.

The company, through a joint venture, has begun mining barite inside Mexico and Guatemala to satisfy the needs of the drilling industry. With multiple mining locations secured, the company is already extracting barite on its first location with more soon to follow.